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girl on a nudist beach
Nudists – people are quite open, but prefer to sunbathe naked among their groups.
Desirable away from prying eyes. Not because of shame or embarrassment, the reason being the other – nudists have always attracted “glyadelschikov” that specifically come to the nude beach, do not undress, just look at naked people, often hidden from the bushes.
Such behavior is very annoying! Nudists consider: time has come to a nudist beach – be kind to undress. If you’re dressed – go to a regular (not naked) beach!

However, there are such naturists and nudists who are willing to sunbathe naked in public right on the public beach. Been much debate about the ethics of such behavior, but no cogent argument against the nudists there. For nudist embarrassment of his body as wildly as the modern urban man to live without comforts.

It is worth noting that the nudists are mostly open, friendly and sociable people. Most nudists and naked nudistok are not just on the beach, but also at home. Many of them receive visitors without wearing clothes. Among the naturists are popular public events: outdoor recreation with many of the same family of nudists, a joint celebration of holidays, general sporting activities undertaken as well as in ancient Greece – naked.lic events: outdoor recreation with many of the same family of nudists, a joint celebration of holidays, general sporting activities undertaken as well as in ancient Greece – naked.
The current fashion is the best promotes the nudists. If a girl with a bare strip of the body between the fur jacket and untami can be found even in winter, it really exposed all summer. Neckline front and back, mini-skirts, jeans that are about to fall down from the hips – it’s all in the way of things. However, there are people who are trying to do without even this minimum of clothing. This – nudists.

Nudists are promoting the cult of the naked body to be free. The thin line that distinguishes them from naturists who wish to get closer to nature and to merge with it. Naturists not only sunbathe and swim in the buff, but also to win themselves a civilization of the islands in large cities. In the English park in Munich, for example, you can meet people, walk freely without clothes – nudity in this park is allowed by law.

In many resort locations – in the Crimea, the Krasnodar region, the Baltics, some distance from the official beaches are recreational nudists. There are many ways to treat those who visit them, but someone who at least once in life was swimming without a bathing suit or trunks, probably will not give up on occasion to repeat it and be committed naturists.

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