Koktebel Neptun 2010


Sufficiently high quality and professionally filmed almost amateur film about the Day of Neptune in the stronghold of the former Soviet Union naturism – Koktebel. In contrast to previous decades Koktebelevskogo naturism, we see here is not entirely positive trend. A lot of onlookers – textile workers, who, armed with video and photo equipment, drooling, take off everything. Poor command of nudists, which is fenced off from the world wearing only a thin ribbon that is glamorous and liberated society without submitting the form, they are surrounded by explicit voyeur. Anyway, if you let go of negative thoughts, and plunge into the thick of things, not all that bad. Holiday, during which goes chic body art contest still failed. As for me, I would have moved the capital of nudism in the more uncivilized parts of the Crimea, for example on Tarkhankut (along Dzhangulya) or bay near Ocheretay Olenevka, there is no where to roam and idle onlookers. Film in the internet is the 11th individual fragments, the proposed news it is glued together.

Duration: 00:44:40

File Size: 657.16 MB


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